Apparel & Garments

We provide Smart & Customized Apparel & Garments Solutions


  • Track complete Product Life cycle right from sampling to order delivery
  • Create Costings, Budgets, BOM sheets
  • Track Product Development
  • Do Post Shipment Costing and profitability analysis


  • Create Purchase orders for material purchase as well as job work
  • Track Inventory
  • Track purchases and deliveries
  • Perform Vendor rating as well as smart allocation of purchase orders based on defined business rules.
  • Optimise inventory allocation through “Smart” allocation of inventory across orders ensuring lower costs.


  • Track production right from issue to shop floor to receipt in Finished Goods Warehouse
  • Perform Quality and production analysis
  • Track outsourced and in-house production
  • Perform Planned Vs. Actual production costs on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

PPC - Production Planning

  • Cloud based planning tool. No setup required. Can be started in a matter of minutes.
  • Visual based Production planning
  • Ideal for any manufacturing unit for optimizing the machine and manpower utilization
  • Get Planned Vs. Actual Costs


  • Invoice and Packing List formats of over 80 big retailers already there.
  • Track pre and post shipment documents
  • Back to Back LC, Insurance and Freight tracking

Financial Accounting

  • All standard accounting reports such as P&L, B&S, Trial Balance etc.
  • Linked with purchase and production modules to ensure all bills are linked with actual operations
  • Perform variance and profitability analysis
  • Multi Currency
  • Generate statutory reports in excel, CSV


  • Cloud based Payroll software no setup needed.
  • Configurable leave, deductions and allowances
  • Configurable reports for specific needs of the company
  • Create Cost Centers to track manpower costs for each department
  • Generate excel/CSV formats of data to upload for statutory requirements such as ESI, PF etc.

Mobile App

  • Get reports and performance metrics on the mobile at any time anywhere
  • Perform real time verification/authentication of purchase orders, costings etc.
  • Get “Event” based notifications such as when a certain material is received, or certain failure occurs.

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We are a creative company, who works with passion and love. We provide the best services you need.